Thanks to all who came out to 3fest today!  The winners, selected by audience ballot, are:

Best Film:  Rafael!
Best film for kids by a grown-up: Live Outside the Box
Best film by a kid: The Hunt

You can see descriptions of these films below, and descriptions of their winnings above (PRIZES).

Click to see a few other films from the fest:

Loss of Taste 
Demon Story

Description of Accepted Films - Little 3

Little 3 - 11:00-11:40 a.m.

By kids
Butterfly Life Cycle - Hailey Bauer (Documentary, :51, South Bend, IN) Explains how butterflies grow.

The Star & Planets - Katera Jefferies (Claymation, :55, South Bend, IN) Clay sky.

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Cheese Touch – Romero Frison, 11 years old, Beronica Centeno, Brianna Robinson, Denise Smith, Samantha Mangus, (Adaptation, 1:58m, South Bend, IN) After the novel by Jeff Kinney.

In Trouble - Bethany Ryman, Dorian Boatright & Savannah Jones (13 years old ) - (Claymation, :58, South Bend, IN) Tiger goes to jail.

Monster Truck Kills Shark - Dakota Rhoades - (Claymaytion, :24, South Bend, IN) Death by flattening.

Pig & Wolf - Dorian Boatright - (Claymation, :11, South Bend, IN) Pink pig fights gray wolf.

My License – Elizabeth Herrick, 12 years old (Animation, 1:28m, Plantation, FL) Underage driving antics.

Lego Pirate Battle  - Gabriel Fowler, 11 years old (Stop motion, 2:54m, Granger, IN) Comrades attempt rescue of imprisoned fellow Lego-man.

Magic Maniacs– Lola Chalmers-Dibbell, 10, & Sofia L., 11 years old  (Stop motion, 2:00m, South Bend, IN) Child magicians make things and siblings appear and disappear.

CHAIRco –  Devyn Dowls & Kaitlyn Rutledge (Mock Advertisement, 1:00m, South Bend, IN). The insurance industry through a child’s eyes.

Comedians of Success - Bradley Lyons, Jaheim Harris, Omarria Hughes, Alhji Karbo, Akim Glover of the Dr. Ronald McNair Elementary School with Joanna White-Oldham (Comedy, 2:12m, Brooklyn, NY) Boy dreams of making it big.

(Older kid audience)
The Hunt - Gabriel DeAngelis, 9 years old (Horror, 2:30m, Salt Lake City, UT) Child monster hunters.

Demon Story – Lola Chalmers-Dibbell  & Jessica Peri Chalmers (Horror, 1:57m, South Bend, IN)  Girl gets captured by unknown backyard forces.

Zombie Movie – 3rd and 4th-grade students at the Perley Fine Arts Academy & Jessica Peri Chalmers (Horror, 1:27m, South Bend, IN) School kids fight zombies on the playground.

By adults
iPorter & Dim Bulb– Jonathan Lyons (Animation, 4:00m, San Rafael, CA) Two near-escape adventures starring the same janitor character, Floyd the Android.

*Bean Society - Jotoni (Animation, 2:14m, Madrid, Spain) See above.

*Monday - Eric Swartz/ Sarah Bolton (Music video, 1:27m, Memphis, TN)
 See above.

Keenan at Sea – Jeremy Galante  and David Cowles (Music video/Animation, 2:04m, Chagrin Falls, OH) Rowboat voyage with hungry dog and two hungry girls.  As time passes, each begins to see the others as dinner.

*Hungry Kitty– ASM Kobayashi (:30m, New York, NY) See above.

*Hide and Seek – Aminder Dhaliwal  (Animation, 2:37m, Ontario, CA) See above.

alas it is only winter – Krista Hamlen  (Animation, 2:22m, East Amherst, NY)  A man who craves change doesn’t notice the changes around him.

The Wonders of the World – Jeremy Dickie-Clardy (Drama, 2:52m, Dallas, TX)  A girl confined to a wheelchair gives others a lesson in wonder.

*Live Outside the Box -  Shu Hsuan Lin (Animation, 4:16m, San Francisco, CA)  See above.

* Playing at both Little & Big 3